Glow Mini

Lighting, Table lamp

Enrico Franzolini

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Table lamp , equipped with one halogene lightbulb 40W, connection/fitting G9 (230V/110V) with satin anti dazzle glass color red, transparent electrical cord with switcher.

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Pallucco has been travelling the paths of design ever since the ‘80s, identifying and selecting what represents style trends, good example of this was the new version of the Fortuny lamp, which Pallucco turned into a timeless style icon. In the ‘90s Pallucco was already offering under the influence of Hannes Wettstein, the Continua bookcase. The art direction of Jurgen Bey shifted Pallucco’s attention to new forms and new formal languages. Matali Crasset, Kazuhiro Yamanaka, Jean Nouvel, Denis Santachiara, Studio Lagranja, Susanne Philippson, Sergio Calatroni and Enrico Franzolini have created not only their best pieces for Pallucco, but also denote the style of a think tank where the ideas and trends of multicultural design, which knows no boundaries, are met head-on.

Enrico Franzolini.