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Kitchen composition made up of an island with Metals Titanium doors and antique gray Abete doors, complete with appliances, Open hood complete with lighting glass shelves and ladle-holder rod and ladle hanging rack complete with wall hooks and columns composition in Ecolak color Pebble and insert in day in Paperstone.

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With a reputation of innovation and continuous research, beginning in 1934, Boffi became a reference company in the international scene: it was the only company producing "kitchens" and "bathrooms" to receive the Golden Compass Career Award. Boffi style, recognizable by size, cleanliness, taste and functionality, comes from a deep understanding between the soul of company management, the creativity of the best designers and a production efficiency and vanguard technology. The experience gained in the design and manufacturing of modular systems for kitchens and bathrooms now enables Boffi to expand its offerings in areas such as closets and partitions. Boffi is present in 60 countries with a network of 70 own-brand stores and more than 200 multi-brand shops.

Piero Lissoni + CRS boffi.