Our Services


Interior Design and Planning

A high standard Interior Design and Planning service, is offered for all residential areas including bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor as well as for commercial spaces and areas of public utility.

We offer a consultancy service for the development of each project  providing drawings, floor plans and colour plans in relation to free standing furniture and systems, which represent our strong point thanks to updated and in-depth knowledge of all the newest models and level of experience achieved thanks to all the many and varied completed projects.

After discussing your budget and requirements, we propose and suggest the typologies of furniture we believe could represent the most suitable options. We can then arrange visits, with no obligation, to verify architectural measurements and provide options for interior architecture in a first phase and interior design and furniture arrangements in the following.

Our design service includes the help of a range of professional architects and designers able to take care of all aspects each project involves, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of our turnkey formula. We can follow the development of the project, coordinating the work with various valuable companies and craftsmen with whom we cooperate.

We are able to coordinate the supervision and to produce executive technical projects establishing the correct position of water outlets and wastes, supplying hydraulic, architectural electrical, electrical decorative as well as conditioning plants detailed layouts. The management of the project, if required, can foresee the development from concept to completion and finishing.

Assembly and installation

When you buy something special, it is likely to expect that you would like it delivered with the correct level of care and respect.

This concept refers not only to the item itself but also to the residence, garden or office.

 We benefit of a skilled workforce that  knows how to handle furniture and realises the value and importance of each piece, protecting and caring for it through-out the delivery or installation process as though it was their own.

We are also able to produce and install by the measure and tailor design pieces of furniture, cooperating with a carpentry workshop composed ​​by a team of artisans who work with extreme accuracy and passion.


We allow access to a wide selection of furniture items, accessories and complements, available for photo videos and commercials shootings as well as for the organization of corporate events.

The selection includes modern and contemporary design items manufactured by the best companies expression of the Italian design and known worldwide

Logistics and Exports

Our facility specializes in the supplying of high-level furniture and lighting fixtures to architects, designers and customers all over the world.

We are not only an essential source for best modern and contemporary design furniture, but our export department is also able to offer an accurate service involving detailed definition of orders, purchasing procedures, storage, logistics organized with the leading international couriers always involving full insurance coverage and installation, allowing inexpensive, safe, and accurate deliveries throughout the world.

Our foreign customers, while benefiting of a considerable saving in the direct-import, feel at ease interacting with a company based in Italy as most of the productions with which we cooperate.

A team of specialized technicians, always followed by one of the company associates or the architect in charge of the specific project development, is able to reach any destination in order to define the details of each work and complete the installation of furniture and systems at the best.


The direct export of furniture items part of Italy based productions catalogues allows extremely consistent savings and our structure is the ideal interlocutor in light of the extended selection we can offer and the experience we achieved in the decades.

Furthermore, with the direct export of kitchen and bathroom systems, we can allow the absolute highest possible savings, benefiting of the most accurate compositions design development service provided with direct, immediate daily correspondence as well as our structure team of technicians installation whenever required.

Whether you are specifying overseas architectural projects or searching for the perfect piece to compliment your holiday home abroad, please do not hesitate to contact our showroom. The ordering procedure is extremely simple, we can provide best net offer in relation to any item or range of products, inclusive of a related freight delivery estimate.

We have a certified traceable terminal and can accept international credit cards or a transfer to the studio account.

Authenticity, Warranty and After Sales Service

We can attest to the absolute authenticity of all the products we supply also when items are not accompanied by a certificate, a sheet or an identification number provided directly by the manufacturer.

Every product we supply, benefits of a warranty roof that often extends well beyond what required by the standard regulations (2 years).

We are always able to provide complete specific documentation in this regard as well as supply all the necessary multiple certifications.

It 'also our prerogative to provide information sheets about the maintenance of the products, the characteristics of the materials they are composed by and call when necessary the different manufacturers production offices, for specific requests of any kind relating to the product or for the immediate ordering of original spare parts.