Bathrooms, Bathtubs

Patricia Urquiola


Its simple form instantly conveys the ergonomic and material qualities of the design. Also available in a built-in version.

Dimensions cm 184 x 93 x 58h - 72"1/2 x 35"5/8 x 22"7/8. Capacity lt 310 - 82 gal. Weight kg 160 - 352 lb.

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Agape produces elements and accessories for the bathroom. Innovation, research, coherence, materials and flexible solutions are the words that identify Agape's business philosophy since 1973 when it was established. Perceptions based on a project capable of creating comfort and aesthetic value to the space in bathrooms through a change in traditions that seemed restricted. All of the elements, the accessories and the programs form a complete system based on design principles conducted by aesthetic, functional and technological research that is updated constantly. The quality the Agape production is sealed not only by ISO 9001 certification, but by numerous achievements including many awards such as " Design Plus " and selections for the ADI Golden Compass Award.

Patricia Urquiola.