Mirto Indoor

B&B Italia
Tables, Coffee Table

Antonio Citterio


The Mirto Indoor range introduces the pewter painting finish for the metal structures. Among these proposals, an original solution for the low table (135x135 cm), which features a textile upholstered top enriched at the edges by matching tones or contrasting profiles.


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B&B Italy was founded in '66 and immediately established itself as a company of international reference in upholstered furniture, due to the application of an industrial approach for the first time in the production of furniture design. The B&B collection of furniture represents contemporary culture, responding to the evolution of standards of living and creating "timeless" products. B&B Italy relies on the contribution of international designers who work in the Research and Development Center within the company. Maxalto is a product line for B&B Italy established in the 90s. The Maxalto collection represents the meeting point between sophisticated craftsmanship and advanced technology. The soft, but rigorous shapes, the essential volumes and a variety of special woods allow you to effectively interpret the new trends in contemporary aesthetics.