Mammamia Fur

Opinion Ciatti

Lapo Ciatti


Chair with upholstered and faux fur coated die-cast aluminium frame. Glossy finished structure. Non-stackable.

Finishing: black or white faux fur seat removable. Black nickel or 24K gold structure.


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Opinion Ciatti.

The Ciatti family has been managing the company from the '50s, promoting the expansion of the business for three generations. The quality of its products, its competitive prices, the choice of a packaging have enabled it to consolidate its market leadership. Under the leadership of Flavia Ciatti, the company started to collaborate with several designers like Gianni Pareschi, De Pas D’urbino Lomazzi, Bruno Pozzi, Marco Duina, Christophe Pillet, Pino Pasquali, Lucci&Orlandini, Giancarlo Vegni, Paola Navone, J. Pensi and J. Llusca. Under the direction of Bruno Rainaldi, the company presented furniture pieces, chairs, mirrors and objects. In 2006, Lapo Ciatti, joined the company reinforcing it with his entrepreneurial spirit and training in industrial design. Furniture pieces are often modifiable and modular compositions: a metaphor of a modern, free and adaptable lifestyle.