Poltrona Frau
Armchairs, Armchair/Chair

Poltrona Frau R. & D.


A variation of Liz, with the same rigour and simplicity of form. In this version the line of the arm rest is clear-cut and square, forming part of the body of the seat.


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Poltrona Frau.

Since 1912, the general public has always and immediately associated the name Frau with the idea of quality and design furnishing and seating in particular. A name that is so characteristic and instantly linked to German sounds, but which is, in actual fact, simply that of the company’s founder, Sardinian-born Renzo Frau, who, over time, has successfully taken the 'Made in Italy’ style and quality beyond national confines.
There have been a great many important moments in the history of Poltrona Frau, and they have all contributed in some way to creating the legend of this company that was founded in Turin and is today a citizen of the world.

Poltrona Frau R. & D..