Game of Trust

Accessories, Clothes Hanger

Yiannis Ghikas


Obtained from the interweaving of three elements, the hanger is distinguished by outstanding design.
Materials: solid wood.
Colors: completely white or natural wood or with base in natural wood and top in lacquered white, red, yellow, green or black.

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We think that elegance is not a dark aesthetic, but a vibrant and colorful attitude.
Sometimes you are serious. Sometimes you're joking. Life goes like this. At least at home, however, try to be thoughtless.
Take care of it, choose a good color palette, buy some flowers to put on the table. Or a little penguin, like we did.
The important thing is to unplug your brain every so often and enjoy the little things with elegance.
Our furniture helps you in this.

Yiannis Ghikas.

Yiannis Ghikas was born in Athens, Greece. With his background encompassing Computer Science alongside Design, he employs functionality as the ultimate purpose of his designs while explores their potential emotive responses. He sees design as a process of satisfying needs either tangible or intangible.
His “Monarchy” stool has received the "red dot design award" (2009). He has worked with companies like feld (Belgium), Objekten(Belgium), miniforms(Italy), convex(Greece), the Industrial Gas Museum/Athens. His work has been exhibited internationally.