Living Divani

Piero Lissoni


Frog: minimalist and lightweight for a summer look. For those who want a warmer setting, Frog is available in the padded version.

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Living Divani.

Discretion and formal neutrality, lightness and dynamism, balanced and essential designs, combining clearness of lines and shapes with ergonomics and comfort are the hallmark of Living Divani. From the early 19'70s till now, the company has charted a precise course, creating an intense dialogue with the contemporary world and becoming one of the landmarks in the landscape of design. The collaboration with Piero Lissoni is vital, who since 1988 conveys a unique style to the company. Over the years it has fostered a distinct proposal, progressively developing into a complete "living" environment, which revolves around the upholstered system of discrete shapes and volumes, around which complements are proposed that adapt to and define any environment, from the most essential and rigorous to the most eclectic and decorative.