Da ma da terra

Lighting, Floor lamp

David Chipperfiel + Mario Nanni


IP20 rated floor lamp for interior use, made with a double shade, natural brass curved profiles and biconcave lenses that create evocative lighting effects, a square section rod upholstered in leather and a square polished brass base.


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In order to express its way of creating light, Viabizzuno gathers around itself experience, knowledge and research. Viabizzuno's design concept is identified with a white page: two lines occupy the space exploring it, eventually crossing each other, each clearly aware of its own identity. The two lines are separate but complementary, exactly like the two Viabizzuno collections, For m and Alvaline.
The point of intersection of the two lines is represented by UpO, ufficio progettazione ombre (shadow design department).
Our history started in 1994, springing from the will of Mario Nanni and his experience in the lighting technology industry. We design our future every morning, a completely new design involving all our efforts in different fields and constantly new challenges.

David Chipperfiel + Mario Nanni.