Paola Lenti

Francesco Rota


Sun bed with adjustable backrest and internal container.Structure made of aluminum provided with elastic belts, plastic spacers.This series consists of modular platforms and pouf.Side tables with aluminium structure,plastic spacers.Armchair with base,armrests and backrest made of aluminium.Seat provided with elastic belts,plastic spacers.

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Paola Lenti.

The company, specializing in carpets and seating for indoor and outdoor use, is nowadays an international point of reference for innovation in textile design. Its dynamic development, based on experimentation and a desire for excellence, led to the creation of collections that changed the concept of carpets and sofas, in materials, forms and uses. Its production techniques coexist with traditional hand-crafted methods as well as innovative technological processes, conceived to guarantee unique qualities such as durability, resistance and dimensional stability.

Francesco Rota.