Serie Up 2000 Sofa

B&B Italia

Gaetano Pesce


Serie Up 2000 sofa is an icon of modernity , metaphor of the female figure that is endowed with a comfortable womb and is yet a prisoner. And again , the foot UP7 , object-sculpture, out of scale archaeological fragment , redesigned with modern technology. 


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B&B Italy was founded in '66 and immediately established itself as a company of international reference in upholstered furniture, due to the application of an industrial approach for the first time in the production of furniture design. The B&B collection of furniture represents contemporary culture, responding to the evolution of standards of living and creating "timeless" products. B&B Italy relies on the contribution of international designers who work in the Research and Development Center within the company. Maxalto is a product line for B&B Italy established in the 90s. The Maxalto collection represents the meeting point between sophisticated craftsmanship and advanced technology. The soft, but rigorous shapes, the essential volumes and a variety of special woods allow you to effectively interpret the new trends in contemporary aesthetics.