Tables, Dining table

Fabio Novembre


Table or consolle with flexible polypropylene fibre legs or rigid legs with an inner steel core in white, red or black colours. Top in transparent glass.


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This Company is focused on the concept of image, experimentation and research for items that allow enough space for individual interpretation. It proposes daring and formal solutions: the elements are not only icons, but also flexible products of great design for daily use. The products are never banal nor absurd and show a light and lively soul, rich in humour. They are the result of a balanced combination between design and advanced technologies.

Fabio Novembre.

Fabio Novembre has instinctive Italian flair. With an international portfolio of architectural interiors and furniture design, he considers himself "a citizen of the planet", but his work reflects timeless Italian flamboyance, from the fashion-forward colours of his furniture to the curved, sensual lines of his signature silhouettes.