Light Ring Wall

Henge 07
Lighting, Wall lamp

Massimo Castagna


Wall sconce energy saving led lamp with warm light, (energy efficiency index A) formed with rings of various sizes and types of illumination; transformers incorporated in the wall junction box.
H-Silver®: pure 99.9% silver on brass, burnished by hand using traditional techniques, which is a result of an exclusive HENGE recipe.

Ø 40 cm; 19W
Ø 70 cm; 27W
Ø 100 cm; 41W

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Henge 07.

Who, we share our homes with, is more than a piece of furniture, it is a companion in our travels, something that once it has entered our homes stays with us throughout life, setting up an intimate personal relationship that reflects our idea of what is beautiful.
Henge is a research laboratory where creativity, excellence and people are at the centre of our work and interests.
The company proposes a special unique selection of materials: wood, metal, glass, stones, leather and fabrics from all over the world.
Henge products, strong character and high level of customization, are all strictly Made in Italy, realized with artisan production criteria, and working with conscientiously and carefully towards safeguarding our health and the environment.

Massimo Castagna.