Flying Circles

Ceccotti Collezioni
Storage Systems, Bookcase

Massimo Castagna


Modular bookcase, shelves in solid American walnut, structural and book stop rings in black nickel finished steel
cm. L/W 165 - P/D 40 - H 225

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Ceccotti Collezioni.

The company, its history, its people. It was at the end of the 50s that Aviero Ceccotti, founder, began his production of furniture, choosing from the start to operate in a high-end market with particular attention to the international public. In 1988 the division Ceccotti Collezioni was born thanks to the intuition of the current managing director Franco Ceccotti. Six collections, concept, style, design, elegance and the exceptional processing capacity of the beautiful materials make of Ceccotti one of the most beautiful interpreter of the high quality modern contemporary furniture design industry world.

Massimo Castagna.